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CMS 485 Professional
Home Health Care Agency Software
CMS 485, 486, 487 with Point of Care

Home Health Agencies, Pediatric Agencies and Coding clients in 30 States since 2002.

Single or Multiple Users. Local, Network or Shared Drive.
Site Licenses and multiple copy discounts - Customizations Available

**Cost Saving Features and Versions**
Choose the version and features you need.
All versions are Point of Care (POC) enabled.
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Increase Productivity with one of the Easiest and Intuitive software systems available!
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CMS 485 client since 2011, converted to POC 4/2013:
"We just completed the installation of POC Synch -- it's an outstanding new option offered by Future Visions! The implementation was fairly easy and now critical case management functions can be done by the Director of Nursing and Case Managers from any remote location with their laptops, thereby adding more flexibility to their schedules in or out of the office and a more efficient use of their time. As a business owner of a home health care agency, I am excited that POC Synch and CMS 485 Professional really do work as promised ... making these software products a great investment with quick paybacks. I highly recommend the POC Synch and CMS 485 software!
R. Johnson, President
Advanced Nursing Solutions
Oldsmar, FL"

CMS 485 Professional Basic, SC and CORP versions provides a comprehsive set of home health care features that are fast, accurate and easy to use for submitting the CMS-485, CMS-486, CMS-487, keep track of patient care, avoid fines, scheduling, visits and pass certifications / re certifications.

All Windows® versions are Point of Care enabled and include ICD-10 Code Builder, ICD-9 Reference tables, Patient Care Processing,
S.O.A.P. Notes, Alerts, Employee, Physician and enhanced Reporting with built-in Instruction.

Configure your version the way you want! Changes Grid Colors, Spell Check, Report Preview, Application Launcher, Provider Information, User Logon Security and Function Processing.

Scrolling Forms provides quick and easy data entry and the Copy function will save you even more time.

CMS 485 Professional data entry is provided by WYSIWYG Scrolling Forms that look like the 485, 486 and 487 forms. Pop_Up & Drop_Down menus and lists provide advance field and navigation options.

Auto-Load of Patient, Certification Dates, Provider and Physician Information.

Auto-Load saves you time!

Auto-Load from DataLoader for common Locator text. Fast and Easy!

    VERSION 1:
    CMS 485 Professional Basic - Bundle - $495.00
    Includes First Year Support and Upgrades
    2nd Year Support and Upgrades: $175.00 | Site License and Multiple Copy Discounts | Click for Support Policy

    CMS 485 Professional Basic

    Patient Screen:
  • Patient Demographics, Contact Information and Driving Directions
  • Start-of-Care with auto-calc and override of Certification Dates
  • Patient Search: Name, Last Name, Medical Rec. No, SSN and Age
  • S.O.A.P. Notes
  • Auto-Load Options
    CMS 485/487 Screens:
  • Plan of Care
  • New and Copy 485 record
  • Easy Scroll of 485 Form
  • ICD-10 Code Builder with Active table and Archive ICD-9 for reference
  • Built-in locator data
  • DataLoader access for all locators
  • 487 auto overflow (5 pages)

  • Employee Screen:
  • Demographics and Contact Information
  • License and Document processing Alerts
  • Skill Set Review
    Physician Screen:
  • Demographics and Contact Information
  • UPIN and NPI capable
  • Auto-load Options
    Alerts: will save you money with On/Off and days out configuration options:
  • CMS 485 Certification Alerts
  • Employee License Renewals and Document Expiration Alerts
    Patient Screen:
  • Initial Assessment and Follow-up Visits
  • Initial Assessment Medication Panel
    Over 350 Medications with dose, route, frequency, infusion and change options

  • Auto-Load of Medications into the CMS-485 Form (Locator 10) from Initial Assessment
    Keep track of Vitals, Illness's, History and Special Needs
  • Auto-Load into Scheduler with Skill Set and License/Document review
    CMS 485 Screen:
  • Medications Panel for Locator 10
  • Over 350 Medications with dose, route, frequency, infusion and change options

    Employee Screen:
  • Available Scheduling Dates, Times and Preferences
  • Alert Preview
  • Employee License, Document, Skill Set and Scheduling Preference Review
  • Daily and Monthly Views
  • Auto-load Provider and Scheduler information
  • Daily and Monthly Reports
  • Configuration options for Calendar days, times and clinician type colors
    Patient Screen:
  • Sign-up Sheet
  • Intake Sheet
  • Startup Check List
  • Doctors Orders
  • Referral Source
  • Communication Notes
  • Conference Notes
  • 60 Days
  • Discharge
  • General Notes
    Initial Assessment and Visits Screen
  • Auto pop-up for insertion of Visit Types for HR Tracking
    Quality Assurance:
  • Questionnaire
  • Valuation
  • Nurses Progress Notes
  • Clinical Records

    HR Tracking - Time Management:
  • Visit Date, Record Date, Start Time, End Time, calculated Hours and Minutes, Mileage,
    Employee Name, Patient Name and Procedure/Services Notes
  • Auto-Popup for easy selection of Visit Type, code and amount.
  • From/To Date Grid Preview of All or Selected Employees by Record Date or Visit Date
  • From/To Date Preview and Print reports of All or Selected Employees by Record Date or Visit date
  • Export data with From/To Date Selection