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Home Health Care software Feature List

CMS 485 Professional Basic, SC and CORP

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CAPABILITIES                                 Basic and SC Versions         CORP Version
Point of Care EnabledYes Yes
Patient Screen
DemographicsYes Yes
Start of CareYes Yes
Patient SearchYes Yes
Patient Grid SelectionsYes Yes
Application LauncherYes Yes
Initial AssessmentSC Version Yes
Follow-Up VisitsSC Version Yes
Payment SourceNo Yes
Startup Check ListNo Yes
In-Take SheetNo Yes
60 DaysNo Yes
Conference NotesNo Yes
ReferalNo Yes
Requirements/Doctors OrdersNo Yes
ICD-10 Code Builder No Yes
Payor/InsuranceNo Yes
DischargeNo Yes
485 Screen
WYSIWG Scrolling Form Yes Yes
Data Loader for Locators Yes Yes
New/Copy 485 Form Yes Yes
485 to Patient Reporting Yes Yes
ICD-10 Code Builder Yes Yes
Auto-Load Provider # Yes Yes
Auto-Load Med Rec No or SSNYes Yes
487 Forms Overflow Pages5 5
Medications - Over 350 pre-loaded SC Version Yes
Auto-Load Medications from Initial Assessment SC Version Yes
CAPABILITIES                                                         Basic and SC Versions             CORP Version
Clinician / Employee Screen
License CheckingYes Yes
Education/Documentation Verification YesYes
Level of SkillsYesYes
Schedule Availablity SC VersionYes
Quality Assurance
QA - Questionnaire NoYes
QA - Evaluation NoYes
QA - Nurses Progress Notes NoYes
QA - Clinical Records NoYes
Date and Time Scheduling SC VersionYes
Start of Care Processing SC VersionYes
Follow-Up Visit Processing SC VersionYes
Office Scheduling SC VersionYes
Schedule Reports and Lists SC VersionYes
HR Tracking - Time Management
Employee Setup NoYes
Start/End Time Capture NoYes
Calculated Hours/Minutes NoYes
Event and Mileage Capture NoYes
Reporting NoYes
Hours Export with date selection to Payroll NoYes
Customization No Yes
CAPABILITIES                                               Basic and SC Versions         CORP Version
Primary Screens
Patient YesYes
485, 486 and 487 Forms YesYes
Data Loader YesYes
Physician YesYes
Clinician / Providers / Office Employees YesYes
Scheduling SC VersionYes
Quality Assurance NoYes
Time Management NoYes
CAPABILITIES                                                 Basic and SC Versions             CORP Version
Logon Option User ID User ID
Screen Security Access 8 9
Auto-Load Provider Yes Yes
Verify 485 Certifications Yes Yes
485 Settings YesYes
Auto-Calculate Patient's Age Yes Yes
Auto-Load Provider Yes Yes
Auto-Load Medications from VisitsSC Version Yes
Scheduling SettingsSC Version Yes
HR Tracking SettingsNo Yes
CAPABILITIES                                                   Basic and SC Versions             CORP Version
485, 486 and 487 Forms Yes Yes
Patient Demographics Yes Yes
General Patient Reports Yes Yes
S.O.A.P. Notes Yes Yes
Physician Yes Yes
Patient Primary Diagnosis Yes Yes
485 Certification Warnings Yes Yes
Employee Reporting Yes Yes
Initial Assessments Medications SC Version Yes
Assessment and Services SC Version Yes
Schedule Reporting SC Version Yes
In-Take Sheet No Yes
60 Days No Yes
Startup Check List No Yes
485 Patient Discharge No Yes
QA Reporting No Yes
HR Tracking Reporting No Yes
Version Options
Single User Yes Yes
Network/Server Yes Yes
Navigation Data Grids Yes Yes
Spell Check - English and MedicalYes Yes
Preview and Printing Reports Yes Yes
Support and Upgrades Yes Yes
Windows® 98, ME, XP, NT, 2000, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Yes Yes
Customization Yes Yes

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