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ICD-10 Code Builder Standalone

ICD-10 Code Builder (Standalone) is a an easy to use software program that
lets you build, select and search for ICD-10 codes and descriptions.

Use to educate or work in conjunction with other software.
Contact Future Visions for customization options.

Save As files options include:
Simple Text (.txt)
Rich Text (.rtf)
MS Word (.doc)
MS Excel (.xls)

The section drop_downs, input entry, double-click, save, copy,
and search capabilities are fast and accurate.

Additional options include:
Toggle ON and Toggle OFF (Stay-On-Top), and Notepad access

Be better prepared with ICD-10 Code Builder.

Price includes the current CMS code-set and updates:

Single Computer - $359.00
Runs on all Windows® Computers.

     If you would like to speak with someone at Future Visions, call Steve at (714) 731-7422.      

If you would like to purchase now, we provide PayPal processing.
Click the Buy Now button of your choice.

    Once your order is processed we will email you instructions    
to complete the order and provide you with your registered version(s).

$359.00 - Single Computer

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Additional Info and Screen Shots

Procedural Tab Section
Manual Input (with auto-build), select from drop_downs or double-click capabilities.

Scroll, Double-Click and Auto-Load capabilities

Manual Input (with auto-build)

Auto-Sizing Section Drop_Downs:

Diagnosis Tab Section

Auto-Sizing Disease and Injury Category Drop_Down

[Save Button]
Auto-Generated file name with Save As options:

Click the [Copy Button] and Paste the Code - Description

Need an option, please let us know.

ICD-10 Code Builder capabilities have been integrated into the CMS 485 Professional product line and available to registered clients.

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