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CMS 485, 487 with Point of Care
CMS 485/486/487
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How to Start a Home Health Agency

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Home Health Software Home Health Care Agency Software
      CMS 485, 486 and 487 with Point of Care

Future Visions Home Health Agency software is easy-to-use, fast and accurate.
With an extensive set of features, intuitive interface and scrollable forms every user will
increase efficiency and productivity.

Future Visions offers 3 HHA software versions adding features, functions and reports including:
CMS 485, 486, 487, Medications, Assessments, Visits, Scheduling, ICD-10, (ICD-9 reference)
Point of Care, Quality Assurance, an integrated Reporting Manager, Alerts and more

Home Health Agencies, Pediatric and Coding clients in 30 States,
including County Agencies since 2002.

Cost Saving Options
Choose the version and features you need.
All Home Health versions are Point of Care (POC) enabled.

Click on the Title for detail information.

CMS 485 OASIS Home Health Software CMS 485 Professional Basic
  • Patient Contact, Demographics, Driving Directions and Emergency Contact.  
  • Start-Of-Care with auto-calc of Certification Dates
  • 485 Certification and Plan-of-Care
  • Employee Screen - Contacts, Licenses, Documents, Skill Sets and Notes
  • License and Document Alerts
  • 485 auto-load Patient, Provider and Physician options
  • 485 ICD-10 Code Builder and active table drop_down
  • 485 Locators with Data Loader content
  • 485 Certification Expiration Alerts
  • Alerts **Saves you Money**
  • 487 auto-overflow Forms (up to 5 Pages)
  • 486 Forms processing
  • Physician and Provider processing
  • S.O.A.P. Notes
  • ICD-10 Code Builder with CMS code/description files
  • ICD-9 Archived Dignosis, Treatement and Surgical codes
  • Data Loader for easy access of common data
  • Reporting for all areas
  • Logon access options

  • Home Health Software CMS 485 Professional SC

  • Initial Assessment and Follow-up Visits
  • Medication panel with 485 auto-load
  • Over 350 Medications and selection options
  • Scheduling (Initial Assessment, Follow-up Visits and Office options)

  • Home Health Software CMS 485 Professional CORP

  • Quality Assurance - Clinical Records, Progress Notes, Questionnaire and Evaluation
  • HR Tracking with Export capabilities
  • In-Take Sheet, Startup Check List, 60 Day Progress Notes, Communication Notes, Requirements        
  • Discharge, Referrals and more

  • PointPoint of Care Synch
    POC_Synch is a standalone application that compliments the CMS 485 Professional product line.

    POC_SYNCH keeps remote computers and Corporate data updated and remote users never need to come to the office.

    ICD-10ICD-10 Code Builder
    ICD-10 Code Builder is a standalone application that can be used for building and searching ICD-10 codes and descriptions. Procedure and Diagnostic codes and descriptions can be copied, saved or integrated. ICD-10 Code Builder has the latest ICD-10 dataset provided by CMS.

    Click on any item for Screenshots, Prices and Details.

    How to Start a Home Health Agency

    How to start a Home Health Agency software is a comprehensive point-and-click program
    that provides you with a easy step-by-step approach on how to start a home health agency business.

    How to Start a Home Health Agency software includes Local, State, National, Federal
    and CMS requirements as well as the business start-up information.

    If you are thinking about starting a Home Health Agency,
    How to Start a Home Health Agency software
    will save you time with valuable information, directions and resources.

    If you already started a Home Health Agency, How to Start a Home Health Agency software
    provides valuable information on How to Market a Home Health Agency.

    A wealth of information on How to Start a Home Health Agency

    One time Low Cost Free and Free Updates.

    Click here for How to Start a Home Health Agency Details and Screen Shots