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Point of Care Synch

Point of Care Synch (POC_Synch) is a Windows® software application that can import, export, add
and update encrypted database records from any version of the CMS 485 Professional product line enabled for POC.

POC_Synch is accurate, easy to use, fast and can be used to archive/copy the database.

Remote users do not need to come to the Office anymore!
With POC_Synch, new and updated records can be sent/received anytime.
Database records can be updated as often as needed.
The Export / Encryption process is fast taking a few seconds to export many records.
The Import / Decryption process for adding or updating records takes several seconds per record.

POC Synch Pricing:
Starting at $400.00 (one time fee)
** Support is included for active CMS 485 Professional users
** Multiple copy discounts
** Purchase CMS 485 Professional (any version) with POC_Synch for additional discounts.

Import ready files are auto-loaded on startup.
Import/Export on demand.
The Export records are written to Encrypted XML files that are easily emailed or transfered to all locations for import.
The Import process reads the Encrypted XML files and updates the database with new and/or changed records.
The XML files are always encrypted.
The Data is always kept current.

EMAIL AUTO-LOAD - (This feature is currently for OUTLOOK Email Users only)
The Email function auto-loads the email addresses, subject and body text from the configuration settings.
The Encrypted XML export files are auto-loaded as attachments.
1. Click Export
2. Click Email
3. Click Send
1, 2, 3 - Exporting and Emailing is that easy.

The built-in File Manager provides options to display the Import, Export and Archive Directory Folders.
There are controls to:
1. Archive or Delete all files in the Import and Export Directory Folders.
2. Delete a single file
3. Archive (Back Up/Copy) the CMS 485 Professional Database

Default Tables : Patient, CMS 485/487, 486, Start_of_Care, Provider, Physician and Employee
Version : Includes

: Default Tables


: Default Tables, Visits and Medications Tables

CORP   : Default Tables, Visits, Medications, Startup Form, Intake Sheet, Case Conference, Communication Notes, Discharge, 60 Days,
: Progess Notes, QA Evaluations, QA Clinical Records, QA Question, QA Progress Notes and Clinical Records.

CMS 485 client since 2011, converted to POC 4/2013:
"We just completed the installation of POC Synch -- it's an outstanding new option offered by Future Visions! The implementation was fairly easy and now critical case management functions can be done by the Director of Nursing and Case Managers from any remote location with their laptops, thereby adding more flexibility to their schedules in or out of the office and a more efficient use of their time. As a business owner of a home health care agency, I am excited that POC Synch and CMS 485 Professional really do work as promised ... making these software products a great investment with quick paybacks. I highly recommend the POC Synch and CMS 485 software!
R. Johnson, President
Advanced Nursing Solutions
Oldsmar, FL"

Point of Care Synch

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CMS 485 Professional, SC and CORP versions

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